Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions



Course participants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of their course commencement date. Any persons under the age of 17 must have written consent of attendance from a parent or guardian.


Your course booking is not confirmed until Original Bootcamp have finalized, received and confirmed:

  • Your full course fee {unless other arrangements have been made with Original Bootcamp}
  • Your signed acceptance of the terms and conditions

Changes and alterations

Original Bootcamp reserve the right to vary (including using a substitute instructor) or cancel your course if necessary. In the most unlikely event of cancellation, Original Bootcamp will;

  • provide an alternative course date to you or your course fee will be refunded in full (or in the case of mid-course will be partially refunded).
  • If your instructor(s) are unable to take a course session for unknown reason then Original Bootcamp, at their discretion, will offer you an additional session.


If you cancel your booking for any reason listed below, then the following will apply:

  • Cancellation 7 days or more prior to your course commencement date;
    • a full refund of your fees minus credit card charges
  •       Cancellation within 7 days of your course commencement date;
    • A refund minus administration fee will be refunded to you.
  • Cancellation within 24 hours or less of your course commencement date:
    • A course credit will be given to you, to attend any Original Bootcamp course once within a 3 (three) month period).
  • No show's and repeated missed sessions and non attendance
    • A full course fee is expected and will be invoiced accordingly

Credit Card Payments and Delivery Policy:

Once payment is made, you will receive an emailed receipt of payment within 12 hours confirming your payment. A secondary email will also be sent confirming the program details within 3 hours – this will include your location ,time, contact phone numbers and contact person etc.

Once your course has started no refund or credit will be granted

Punctuality & attendance

  • You must make adequate travel arrangements to arrive in time for your session start time each day.
  • If you are late, the session/course will start without you.
  • If you miss all or part of your course (for reasons including, without limitation, lateness, illness, injury or work commitments) then you will not be entitled to a refund of any part of your course fee
  • Original Bootcamp will not offer any make up sessions (except at the managers discretion)
  • No credit for missed sessions/courses will be issued

Medical clearance

  • If you do have a medical condition;
  • You are strongly advised to seek a medical practitioner's advice before booking into a course.
  • The Original Bootcamp medical form must be completed by both course participant and a registered medical practitioner and returned to your chosen course correspondent at least 7 days prior to your course commencement date.
  • If you do have a medical condition and are unable to obtain clearance from a registered Medical practitioner then you cannot commence your chosen course.

 In such circumstances;

  •  A full refund of your course fee (if paid) will be given, provided that you give Original Bootcamp notice of your failure to obtain medical clearance at least 7 days prior to your course commencement date.

 If you do not give Original Bootcamp such notice (within the specified time frame) then:

  • you will forfeit 50% of your course fee; and 50% of your course fee will be issued to you as a credit for a future course run by Original Bootcamp.
  • If you fail to give any notice and the course has commenced no   refund will be issued.

Safety rules & regulations

  • You must comply with the safety regulations and instructions of Original Bootcamp at all times;
    • If at any time your course instructor considers that you are jeopardizing the safety of others and/or disrupting the course, then you may be asked to leave and you will not be entitled to either a refund or credit for future course’s with Original Bootcamp.


Original Bootcamp will not be held responsible for:

  • any injury or illness you suffer as a result of any on-going medical condition or a poor standard of health or fitness;
  • any aggravation of pre-existing or previous injuries sustained by the you
  • any medical condition, injury or illness which you sustain during any course run by Original Bootcamp.
  • any damage to or loss of your personal property during any course or session run by Original Bootcamp


  • You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Original Bootcamp and all it’s employees from;
  • any, and all direct or indirect losses for which Original Bootcamp or it’s employees may become liable as a result of any claims or actions which you make or which is made on your behalf due to any direct or indirect losses that you may suffer as a result of attending a course run by Original Bootcamp.

Photographs, Media and likeness

  • You agree and confirm that ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (OBC) may utilise any images, video and likeness of yourself for promotional or marketing use of the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (OBC) program.


Please read these terms and conditions carefully. If you have any questions regarding their content, then please seek independent advice or alternatively you can call Original Bootcamp on 1300 664 619 or email enquiries@bootcamp.com.au


You must accept and agree to these terms and conditions before attending your chosen Original Bootcamp Program.