Kids Fitness


ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP now offers after-school, school holiday and manditory physical activity programming for children, through it's SEAL Pups kids's fitness program.

Apart from increased physical fitness and better health, the program also promotes team work, communication skills, lateral thinking, self confidence and leadership skills.

Poor co-ordination and/or poor ball skills (whether percieved or actual) are often the cause of children shying away from physical activity. Itseems that little is available for those students who do not wish to play organised sport. With the rate of childhood obesity at an all time high, schools and families must look for solutions which will inspire Australian youth to be active. We beleive our SEAL Pups program can do just that.

The SEAL Pups kids fitness programs allow children to improve their co-ordination, cardio-vascular fitness,strength, endurance and body fat percentage through participation inmilitary inspired activities. But don't worry ... there is no yelling, whistle blowing or gun play, jus motivational and challenging activities to get your students moving and enjoying being active.

Unlike many children's fitness programs currently offered by boot camps and fitness companies, the SEAL Pups program has been designed in coordination with leading Physical Education specialists with over 35 years of both primary and secondary experience at some of Australia's most respected schools.

Our National SEAL Pups Coordinator, Katrina Murray, has seen first hand the effects of inactivity on young children and, incontrast, the amazing benefits of activity, not only physical but emotional and social as well.

All SEALPups kids fitness Instructors are highly qualified and experienced fitness specialists who have undergone additional training within the area of children's fitness.

"The 5 week program that ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP did with us was great. It was extremely beneficial to the kids in all the ways I had hoped - developing/ changing their mental attitudes to what their bodies are capable of, and also having an experience that being active lends itself to many different things.

I also loved the team work ethic that it promoted, and the pride of self performance, regardless of ability."

Helen Desmond - Physical Education & Sports Coordinator

Sacred Heart Primary School, Diamnond Creek, Victoria.

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