Adventure Training



You have seen the movies, heard the stories, and watched the documentaries; Special Forces & Special Operations hopefuls under going some of the most arduous training known to man. Body, mind and spirit pushed to the limit as they’re put through the rigors of the now infamous Australian Army SAS Cadre Course,  Australian Navy CDAT *, US Navy SEALs' BUD/S Course, Coast Guard's Rescue Diver A-School, and the US Police & Sheriff's departments' SWAT Selection Course.

These images and stories often invoke feelings of amazement, curiosity and disbelief. For many professional and amateur athletes it prompts the question “Do I have what it takes? Do I have the mental, physical and emotional fortitude to accomplish such an awe inspiring achievement?”

In association with the  Tactical Strength & Conditioning Association, ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP now offers 12, 24, 48 and even 72 hour training programs to civilian sporting teams, corporate groups and individual athletes through its SpecOps programs. These programs have been developed by our highly qualified and experienced training cadre, consisting of both current and former members of the international Special Forces & Police Special Operations communities, and leading Tactical & Operational Conditioning Coaches.

Unlike similar programs, all SpecOps.  programs are developed in association with highly respected exercise & sports scientists, physiotherapists and strength & conditioning coaches. This insures not only the safety of participants, but the relevance to their specific priorities and goals.

Exercises in both individual and team excellence will provided participants with skills that can be directly translated back to their chosen sport or vocation.

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* (Clearance Diver Acceptance Test)