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Chief Brabon

Rolling Stone Cover - ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP


" The original, and arguably the best boot camp fitness program is run by a man known to his recruits & instructors simply as CHIEF."

The Hottest Workout - Rolling Stone Magazine



Long considered the pioneer of bootcamp fitness training in Australia, Chief has been at the forefront of high-intensity results based training for close to 25yrs. While spending a short time in the Royal Australian Army as an Infantry Soldier, Chief established the country's first bootcamp fitness program, which has grown to become the longest running program of it's kind in the world.


Chief's reputation has spread around the world, having been featured on the cover of US fitness magazine My Mad Methods, making a guest appearance as a trainer on Biggest Loser Asia, and featuring on BBC mini-series Road to Glory.


In 2013 GQ Magazine named Chief as one of their Top 20 Game Changers, along with such respected individuals as Baz Luhrmann, Cate Blanchett and Joel Edgerton.


Chief has contributed to dozen's of magazines and has acted as Resident Fitness expert/ Transformation Coach for publications such as Cleo, UltraFitness, Contact and GQ, and was recently asked to join the expert advisory board for Men's Health.





      " The best thing to get couch potatoes up off their bums is a little of Chief's military style discipline. Trust me, literally thousands of them are willing to pay for the results."

      Military Madness - The Weekend Australian Magazine








        “For the past 20 years, Chief’s ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP has pushed literally tens of thousands of ordinary people across the world to achieve extraordinary results.”

        The Biggest Loser Asia (2010)



        You can email Chief directly at Chief@Bootcamp.com.au, or call him on 0437 770 030.


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