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According to IDEA (the world's leading organization of health and fitness professionals), Bootcamps have been shown to have the greatest growth potential of any exercise based business. [2008 IDEA Fitness Programs & Equipment Survey]

Whether you are looking for a new career, or just a fun way to generate a little extra income in these tough times, ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP can provide you with everything you need to build your own highly successful fitness bootcamp business.


“A lot of guys who, like myself, have served in the Military think that they can just go out and start a bootcamp on their own, based purely on their previous experience and a personal training course, but I guarantee you, it is a whole different world running a business where you are training civies. ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP showed me how to make the most of what I learned in the Army, and translate my military skill set to suit the civillian market.

Since becoming an ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP licensee, my career has gone from strength to strength. With all the help that I have been given by the team at head office, I have built a business that not only generates close to half a million dollars a year, but also allows me the time and flexibility to really enjoy life.

OBC has also helped me to develop my professional profile, whichhas led to numerous Television appearances, as well as  some exciting projects like training TV's Gladiators."

ROB COAD – Full-time Bootcamp Operator



“ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP has proven to be a fantastic way to supplement my regular income, while keeping fit and helping others achieve their own health & fitness goals.

By following OBC’s proven system, I have built a business that generates over $9,000 a month from just three 1 hour training sessions a week. OBC's incredible online Total Business Management System allows me to manage and developmy entire business in just a few hours of admin time a week. ”

DUNCAN ARKLEY – Full-time Fire Fighter/ Part-time Bootcamp Operator



“Having spent our entire working lives in education, neither my husband, nor I, had any business experience at all before joining the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP network , but that hasn't hindered us from building a thriving fitness business.

OBCHead Office has not only supplied us with all the systems and materialswe needed to establish our program, but they also provided exceptional ongoing support and mentoring, which has allowed us to expand our business exponentially.

In addition to our general fitness programming, we now offer Kids' Fitness (SEAL PUPS) programs to over half a dozen schools, plus my husband now runs Sports Specific Conditioning programs (TACTICAL ADVANTAGE) for a number of Aussie Rules clubs.

Even with all these great opportunities, OBC's online business management system has allowed us to keep administration time to a minimum, giving us a lot more personal time to spend with our two young daughters."

KATRINA MURRAY – Part-time Bootcamp Operator (with Husband David)



“Like many health clubs, we recognised the earning potential of running our own bootcamp fitness program, though in the beginning we thought wecould simply set one up ourselves by utilising certified PersonalTrainers from within our club.
Though in the early days we achieved a reasonable level of success, we soonfound that we couldn't maintain the retention levels we were after, with most clients just participating for one or two months.

After joining the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP network, we realised that to run truly successful (and profitable) bootcamp programs, you need to have professionally trained Bootcamp Fitness Specialists like our current OBC Certified staff. Add to that the fact that every month we receive access to 12 brand new, extremely comprehensive session plans, we are now confident that our 100+ Recruits are not only experiencing the most innovative and effective workouts possible, but that they will keep coming back, month after month, to see what we have in store for them the next time around.

Since becoming an OBC provider, not only do we now have a fantastic retention rate, but we also have a strong flow of new enquiries generated by all the Marketing, PR and Promotions that the Head Office Team do on our behalf.

I can honestly say that the implementation of the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP program played an integral part in our winning Fitness Australia's Fitness Business of the Year award."

SIMON BUNGATE – Personal Training/ Bootcamp Coordinator

C2K FITNESS & AQUATIC CENTRE - 2008 Australian Fitness Business of the Year



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